Get To know mark

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I am not a politician

I am a computer architect/scientist . I develop large software systems in the financial sector. I am also involved in research of artificial intelligence and modeling of the human brain using computers. I was involved in the Netflix Prize project, and continue to write software that seeks to model and understand large chaotic systems.

I began my career building software controlled robotic welding systems. Some of which helped build the nuclear power plant in South Texas, near Bay City, Since then, I have taught college courses in computers, was the vice president of a software development company, and have owned and run my own software business. The computer systems I have been involved with range from stock trading software, to medical instruments, federal tax systems, oil and gas accounting systems, air travel reservation systems and electronic and process control systems.


I have been involved in the Libertarian Party since 1988.


I am married with 5 children and live in Oak Point with our chickens, rabbits and a cat.